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Managing Storage Tank Facilities Managing Storage Tank Facilities

Fuel Storage Tank Facility Regulatory Compliance, Construction and Site Remediation Consulting Services

DDC optimizes fuel storage tank operations for marketers and dealers.  Our goal is to minimize the cost to detect and eliminate product losses and control fuel inventory shrink.  The services include all or part of the following:

  • Develop corporate fuel inventory strategy to minimize losses,
  • Determine and implement appropriate, cost-effective release detection methods,
  • Contract, schedule and supervise compliance service contractors including tank testers, Cathodic Protection testers and monthly site inspectors,
  • Install and maintain Caldwell Systems Automatic Tank Gauges (ATGs),
  • Negotiate storage tank liability insurance cost,
  • Maintain physical and virtual record storage.

DDC manages and supervises storage tank facility construction activities.  Our goal is to find the most economical storage solution for the facility.  The services include:

  • Develop corporate tank upgrade strategy,
  • Develop appropriate work scopes with engineers and contractors,
  • Negotiate construction costs and schedules with contractors,
  • Oversee and photodocument construction activities,
  • Obtain releases.

DDC manages environmental site remediation and transaction audit activities.  Our goal is to find qualified contractors who will cause the least disruption to the facility operation and implement effective solutions.  Whether the activity is supervised by state rules and regulations or not, DDC can:

  • Help develop a scientific and practical solution to the problem,
  • Monitor the implementation and progress to the solution, 
  • Modify the solution and contractors as necessary to accomplish the project goals.
  • Track and manage project costs.
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