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October 13, 2013, JAPC New Rules Review Letter Posted By: host
On October 13, 2013, JAPC sent the attached letters regarding their review of the "proposed amendments to rules 62-761.100 and .300, and to rules 62-7
October 3, 2013, FPMA Response to Proposed New Rules Posted By: host
Bob's analysis of the September 17, 2013, Draft of 62-771 Petroleum Contamination Site Ranking and 62-772 Procurement Procedures for Petroleum Cleanup
DEP Presentation to Florida Legislative Budget Commission on Proposed Petroleum Restoration Program Improvements Posted By: host
This presentation was made by DEP on September 13, 2013, and it was approved according to information in this link
What Causes Corrosion in STP Sumps and What Can be Done About it Posted By: host
The attached article was recently published by PEI and was provided by Randy Strauss, tanks inspector at the Pinellas County (Florida) Health Departme
FPMA Responds to New DEP Petroleum Contaminated Site Rulemaking Posted By: host
Please find attached Attorney Robert Fingar's comments on the proposed additions and changes to the petroleum site cleanup and scoring rules. Also at
Batelle Report on Corrosion in ULSD Systems Posted By: host
A Link to the report is at the bottom of the post... Corrosion in Systems Storing and Dispensing Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD), Hypotheses Inv
RE: Association between Ethanol in Fuel and Corrosion in STP Sumps Posted By: host
Interesting info on STP corrosion issue: T
FDEP Guidance on Breach Testing Double-Wall Steel Tanks Posted By: host
This copy of an e-mail thread with Florida DEP and DOH Personnel clarifies the requirements for testing Modern and other double-wall steel tanks. The
NY State Tank Inspection Handbook Posted By: stevem
From Ernest Roggelin, Tanks Program Supervisor at Pinellas County Department of Health, provided this link. He says the "handbook does not apply to F
EPA Proposing Revised Storage Tank Regulations Posted By: host
EPA’s proposal to revise the federal underground storage tank (UST) regulations is available on EPA’s website at

Florida Petroleum Marketers Association


Downstream Data Corporation (DDC) is an innovative fuel storage tank consulting company based in Clearwater, Florida.  DDC uses experience and technology to keep gas station and convenience store owners in compliance with environmental regulations that affect storage tank facilities.   Customers rely on DDC for expert advice regarding operating and maintaining storage tank facilities, and for real estate transaction guidance where storage tank impacts may exist.  Since recordkeeping is a very important part of regulatory compliance, DDC has developed in-house technology for secure web-based electronic records storage. 

This website describes DDC's services and hosts fuel storage tank forums.  It also exhibits an extensive photo gallery including pictures of tank construction projects and spill cleanup projects and several short movie clips. 

Testimonials from Industry Leaders  Testimonials from Industry Leaders

 "I want to be the first with a testimonial... Downstream Data Corporation helps us find the answers we need to manage in difficult times.  When I think of leading edge technology, I think of DDC.  DDC has in-depth knowledge of the downstream petroleum industry".  Bruce Mitchell, President, Rally Stores, Inc.

 "Downstream Data Corporation's online fuel management services streamline our data collection and processing systems, and lower our operating costs.  I also like having competitor's prices available in my e-mail and online when I need them most."  Kerry Katchuk, President, Risser Oil Corporation


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The attached Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) guidance document is a compendium of available ...
DEP Links to Approved Equipment List and Imminent Threat List by stevem
Roger Rook from the DEP has forwarded two links of interest. The first is a revised listing of ...
New EPA Leaking Underground Storage Tank Corrective Action Compendium Now Available by stevem
 Good Afternoon,             I am wri...
Heat Exchanger Fabrication Question? by sooeey2
In a dilemma about exactly how tubes are stuffed in a multi baffle plate heat exchanger.  The h...
Seeking Pipe Purge Dams by sooeey2
Seeking to purchase an inflatable purge dam for GTAW of stainless steels but require a dam up to 20&...
API 620 - Do ALL "T" Joints Require RT??? by sooeey2
Dear Sirs, We presently have a 316L matl 3/8" wall thk. cyclone separator (F&D head & ...
Veeder-Root Rolls Out New Water/Phase Separation Float Probe by stevem
Veeder-Root recently sponsored a webinar for the regulatory community and provided the attachments.&...
FPMA Chairman Ed Hinson Resigns by stevem
To: FPMA Members From: Ed Hinson I am writing to inform you that, after deep consideration, I ha...
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